About the Project

Statement of

When the instigators of the Spike Jones Project got started there was no complete repository of Spike Jones’ material. There was no place for fans, researchers, students, educators, and music lovers to access the vast works of one of the last century’s most incredible and creative bandleaders.

There was also a massive collection of material which was still in analog form
and would continue to decay and degrade over time. That collection needed
to be digitized in high resolution form as soon as possible, and there needed
to be a place where these works could be accessed and researched.

the website

The Spike Jones Project is a collaborative undertaking to restore, archive and share the massive media collection produced by the one and only Spike Jones. It all started with Utah Valley University professor Mike Wisland’s passion for preserving music history. To Wisland, preserving music history does not mean to keep records in a vault, or hoarding them away in some personal collection, but instead to bring music and film from a dwindling time to life in the hearts and minds of younger generations.  Wisland is an ardent fan of Spike Jones, so we have begun by digitizing his collection.

the project

In 2014-2015 UVU students took on the task of transcribing the analog records into a digital format and created the beginnings of the Spike Jones Project’s website. In the 2015-2016 school year UVU students have continued this task and have created the means by which additional records can be added to the site and maintained without the need to know web development code.

the team


I’m Brandon Parmley, I’m a web developer on the Spike Jones Archive project. Jeff and I work together to set up the search on this site and the database management system so that the good folks making the transcriptions can focus on their work without having to worry about maintaining the site. I mainly work on the front end user interface of the search application and tying that in to the back end data provided by the database.  I created a Node.js application to control a Mongo database of information. An Angular.js search engine and gallery application has also been created to display the data stored in the database to anyone who visits the site. I am currently a Web Front End / UI Programmer at Utah Valley University where I help maintain and develop their web presence and systems.


My name is Jeff Carbine and I am one of the web developers on the Spike Jones Archive project. I am developing the database structure and function for all the audio, video and other documents that this project is archiving. I provide the code to the Spike Jones website that will allow visitors to view and appreciate all that the archive team is preserving. Outside of the project, I am a musician and a husband, and I build apps and websites as the lead web designer of a bank software company.